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March 2019

It’s a relatively quiet month so lots of sorting out to do as well as my sax ensembles which are going well but I do need a baritone player for the advanced group still 🙁
Some of my students at the Royal college are approaching their exams so am concentrating on these as well as my Birmingham students too. Fingers crossed they all get Firsts 🙂
I’m enjoying trying to learn ballroom dancing but it’s HARD! More practice needed 🙂
The Table Tennis leagues are coming close to the end of the season and I’m doing relatively well in my matches in the three leagues I play in so am mostly pleased.
I was actually ranked in the last competition I played in but I think that was only because two players didn’t play in the mens singles – was well pleased to reach the quarter finals as I played terribly a few days before that comp!
I do have a few jazz concerts coming up so please check out my Gigs page.
Some of the videos I had from YouTube have been taken down (I don’t know why) so these are now off of my website.
I only have one CD available ‘The Solar Cats’ and you can also get that from iTunes but I do have a handful of Whooeeee CDs left which I am only selling at gigs.

That’s all for now but get in touch if you need info about what I do e.g. teaching/writing/performing 🙂

March 10th, 2019 at 2:20 am

Thought you were going to ask for March donations,to keep you going sweetheart!!
Enjoy life anyway X


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