Andy is a composer, arranger and transcriber. Contact Andy if you would like a piece of music written for you or if you would like to purchase a work already composed or arranged by Andy. I also hope to offer music by my contemporaries in the future.

Offering – Personalised Arrangements, Compositions, Transcriptions all tailor-made to suit your needs.

Andy’s aim is to provide music that will exactly suit your line up and standard of playing ability. Each piece is written to suit the musicians or students in your ensemble.

Andy Panayi has been working in the music business as a professional woodwind player, writer and teacher for over 38 years. It soon became apparent that it was difficult to find good suitable music for the various ensembles that he was teaching and performing in.

Often the standard of pupils would be wide ranging or there would be an unusual line-up of instruments. Andy was always writing his own arrangements and being asked to do the same for his fellow contemporaries.
Also, he has been transcribing for professional musicians who just don’t have the time to do it themselves and want somebody to provide music at a high standard.

Having perfect pitch has helped, enabling the process to be accurate and guaranteeing precise reproduction. Transcriptions can be rearranged for required ensemble sizes.

Andy is also able to offer great big band music written by the best jazz writers around today and composers that are no longer with us.

If you have a music request, contact Andy at

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