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August 2023

I have been very lax re blogging! My last blog was July 2022 🙂

I’ve also been very poor at advertising my gigs but lately this was due to the fact that my computer had picked up a very aggressive bug and I have had no means of accessing my website for over a month now. I just received my new computer and have a few minutes this morning to get in touch. I will get back to it tomorrow and update my gigs page. I do have a new recording – the album is called ‘Flute To The Power Of 4’ and is only available in CD format. It is not up on my website yet and it is a limited run so get in touch with me via my Contact Me page and I can post it out to you (£15 + p&p). For those that use my PDFs, I have spotted a couple of errors 🙁 These are just that some of the chords should have b9’s but they have come out as 9’s – for those that are scratching their heads, ignore this bit 🙂

Best wishes to you all – I’ll be back (after several hours of driving)
Andy xx


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