March 2020

Dear Jazz Fans – as you all know by now, the coronavirus threat has caused a major disruption to everybody’s work situation. Personally speaking, I have lost all my work including my teaching. I’m praying that this lunacy eventually abates and we can go back to earning a living. Keep safe and well. Andy Panayi

18 Mar 2020

Jan 2020

Happy New Year to you all. The run-up to Xmas was busy with commercial work but I had a few nice jazz concerts too, plus a few days teaching at the colleges. Sorry to say that I was quite ill last Oct and had to have a month off from Oct to Nov but am

01 Jan 2020

September 2019

It’s been a fairly relaxed summer – a nice active holiday with my boys, a mixed bag of gigs and the climax for my sax groups, their performance at the Fishermens Club. They all did very well and I am very proud of them.Coming up are a few jazz and commercial concerts + my teaching

06 Sep 2019

April 2019

April sees the end of the Table Tennis season with a few matches left. I will do my best to get in a good amount of training before Sept/Oct when it all starts up again but I have had a decent season considering how unfit I am! As Easter looms, I have a few Jazz

02 Apr 2019

March 2019

It’s a relatively quiet month so lots of sorting out to do as well as my sax ensembles which are going well but I do need a baritone player for the advanced group still 🙁 Some of my students at the Royal college are approaching their exams so am concentrating on these as well as

07 Mar 2019

Feb 2019

It’s a quiet month, playing-wise. I have a couple of jazz concerts coming up next week along with my teaching days, a table tennis competition + matches and some sax ensembles I will be coaching this year. A busy time teaching as some of my students will have exams at the end of next month.

01 Feb 2019

Jan 2019

Happy New Year to you all. I have a few jazz concerts coming up in January along with teaching days, table tennis matches and some sax ensembles I will be coaching this year. Quite a busy time; hope to see some of you at the gigs and at the Eastbourne Jazz Club – the last

01 Jan 2019

Dec 2018

The run-up to Xmas is busy with commercial work but I do have a few nice jazz concerts too, plus a few days teaching at the colleges to slot in. Just had a weeks holiday in Madeira which was FAB – ate and drank and walked lots! I’ll be doing the sound for our special

28 Nov 2018

Oct 2018

We had a fabulous Jazz Festival, the first Eastbourne Jazz Festival with me performing at the Fishermens Club and being steward, sound engineer and compere. All the bands were great and we hope that we get good feedback from the audience. I heard a lot of comments in passing which were all positive; they seem

02 Oct 2018

End of July 2018

I’ve done lots of driving this month covering some of the Kevin & Karen tour + some jazz gigs too. All quiet now so I can concentrate on having some family time as well as table tennis training for the new season coming up in Sept. I’ll also spend some time repairing my instruments while

29 Jul 2018
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