Dec 2018

The run-up to Xmas is busy with commercial work but I do have a few nice jazz concerts too, plus a few days teaching at the colleges to slot in. Just had a weeks holiday in Madeira which was FAB – ate and drank and walked lots! I’ll be doing the sound for our special

28 Nov 2018

Oct 2018

We had a fabulous Jazz Festival, the first Eastbourne Jazz Festival with me performing at the Fishermens Club and being steward, sound engineer and compere. All the bands were great and we hope that we get good feedback from the audience. I heard a lot of comments in passing which were all positive; they seem

02 Oct 2018

End of July 2018

I’ve done lots of driving this month covering some of the Kevin & Karen tour + some jazz gigs too. All quiet now so I can concentrate on having some family time as well as table tennis training for the new season coming up in Sept. I’ll also spend some time repairing my instruments while

29 Jul 2018

June 2018

What’s New? Well, I’ve been doing some repairing – a bass clarinet and an alto sax last week. Working on a tour by two Strictly dancers, Kevin & Karen – doing my first one up in Manchester; hoping that the train company doesn’t go on strike that day! Just finishing my college teaching and am

06 Jun 2018

May 2018

What’s new, well I’ve just had the longest holiday ever – three weeks in South Africa; wonderful. Now, back to work – just repaired my alto sax – teaching in Birmingham & London and a few gigs here and there. Remember to check out my gigs page 🙂

08 May 2018

Feb 2018

It’s an interesting month – working on our ballroom dancing, some nice Jazz gigs, teaching and Table Tennis. Not done any repairing except for my own instruments so need to do more of that to get into the swing of it! It’s half-term week and had lunch with the kids today and next week is

11 Feb 2018

Jan 2018

Hi Jazz fans, a quiet January Jazz-wise but I do have some gigs in Feb & March – please check out my gigs page for details. Still teaching, repairing, commercial work and Table Tennis 🙂 Hope to see some of you at my gigs xx

21 Jan 2018

Woodwind Repairing

It’s six months since the repairing course and I’ve now started to take on simple jobs – pads, corks, springs etc. Still buying tools as I go along. I can only do one day a week as I am on a tour at present with Elaine Paige and I have my teaching to do too.

29 Oct 2017

Woodwind Repairing Course

Had a great time on the repairing course – a nice bunch of guys & girls on the course too and a lot of info to take in. Bought a log cabin which arrived last Tuesday. This will be my repairing room – managed to damage myself carrying it all through to the back garden where

20 Apr 2017

March 1st, 2017

Some horrible person has hacked my website – I don’t know what they could have gained from a website that is there to give people information. Whoever it was just wanted to mess up my site. Thank you Chris for sorting it out for me – hopefully it won’t happen again! I will update my

01 Mar 2017
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